Dominant vs. Oppositional

Dominant and oppositional gazes can easily be found in anything from a television commercial to a music video. A dominant gaze is usually defined as an object of beauty that is meant to be looked at, but not meant to look back. You will typically find a scantily clad woman trying to seduce the viewer. […]

Mass Culture & the Public Sphere

On July 20, 2012 a very tragic event occurred during a movie showing of ‘The Dark Night Rises’ in Aurora, Colorado. A gunman, James Holmes, entered the theater set off smoke bombs, and then fired repeatedly into the crowd. 10 people were pronounced dead at the scene while 4 more passed away at the hospital. […]

Semiotic Analysis

The print ad to the right was created by the mobile phone network, Claro Americas, which serves customers in both Latin and South America. This ad has such a powerful message yet it is so simple that even people who are not familiar with this particular phone company can understand its meaning. The ad is […]